OC Motivation Letter

It is a great honor to invite you to 16th IFMSA European Regional Meeting 2019. Thank you for your trust and faith to hold such big event in one of the most beautiful cities in the world Saint-Petersburg! For us it is an opportunity to share our hospitality and warmth with everyone, to break the borders and stereotypes. Last year we faced to the big challenge: how to organize meeting after the most sustainable event in the IFMSA history where we were lucky to participate?! So we are going to continue work started by AMSA-Austria and walk the talk. Following not only European but worldwide priorities together we are making this world better, isn’t it? What is HCCM?


One of the most popular questions we’ve been always asked. To be honest, the transcript is simple: “Huge country - cozy meeting!” If we put humor aside it is a Cyrillic abbreviation - “Национальный союз студентов медицины”, that means National Union of Medical Students. Not without a purpose we have the word “union” in the name. In the year 2019 HCCM Russia is celebrating its 30th birthday of foundation and participation in IFMSA. For our team it is a very long way: from the only one local committee in Izhevsk (check it on map) to a really experienced company. Our slogan is: “To get all the good experience from the foreign medical system in order to bring it into Russian”.


And now you can see that 30 years of hard work telling that we are on the right way. We are more than pleased to celebrate this date with friends from the whole Europe who has the same aims in improving medical world…maybe the world itself. Dreams are made to become truth one day. So let’s do it all together. Open your heart and paint your dream in SaintPetersburg!


Always yours,

Alexandra Onopriychuk,

Head of OC.

Theme Event

Ending HIV/AIDS in the Sustainable Goals development era: role of the future healthcare providers

In contrast to the global epidemic pattern, the HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia continues to expand. In Western and Central Europe new infections are rising among certain key affected populations. Despite the severity of this epidemic remarkably little attention has been paid to the associated public health issues in the international scientific literature.

Our speaker is Vinay Patrick Saldanha, UNAIDS Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Vinay Saldanha has more than two decades of experience in the leadership and implementation of AIDS programmes, including more than 15 years working in eastern Europe and central Asia. Together we will discuss HIV response in the sustainable development goals era. Another topic we want to discuss is antimicrobal and HIV drug resistance. Together with another speaker we will find out potential limited effects of current drugs.

Venue and Accomodation

EuRegMe 2019 will be held in the Hotel Azimut which is situated in the historical part of Saint-Petersburg and close to all touristic routes. The main street of our city Nevskiy prospect is in 20-25 min by walk from the hotel.


Azimut is the highest building in the city center so from the last floor where most part of conference rooms are located you can enjoy a spectacular view of Saint-Petersburg. Hotel has 2 parts: Azimut (venue and boarding) and A-Hotel (lodging). All rooms are well-equipped and comfortable. They are for 4 or 2 persons. Wi-Fi will be provided by hotel but OC will also take care about it. Boarding Boarding is 3 times a day, full buffet including vegetarian, gluten free, halal food. Session rooms


There are 10 conference rooms with the total area of 2500 m2 . All of them are named after those cities where at least one Azimut hotel is standing. Rooms for standing committees and presidents sessions are from 50 to 200 persons. Most part of the rooms are on the top with a great view of our city. All rooms have necessary equipment for all IFMSA sessions.

Egyptian Bridge, 300m from the hotel Azimut


Each NMO has 3 spots for early registration and 5 for late registration. Registration process will be at the same time. The reason why we should make it in one moment is visa process: we need to prepare invitation letters what will take some time.

EuRegMe 15.12.18 – 15. 01.19 23:59 GMT Payment until: 31.01.19 Fees: Early fee – 140 Euro Late fee – 200 Euro Observers-300 Euro

Pre-EuRegMe 14.01.19 - 29.01.19 23:59 GMT Payment until: 28.02.19 Free – 180 Euro

Cancellation for EuRegMe and Pre-EuRegMe: Until 01.03.19 – 100% refund 01.03.19- 15.03.19 – 50% refund 15.03.19- 20.03.19 – 25% refund After 20.03.19 – no refund

Susbstitution is possible until 01.03.19, because of visa issues. In case you have later substitution, please contact us immediately.

We can not guarantee Invitation Letter in that case.

Visa Information

Our NMO is very experienced with preparing Invitation Letters for Visa to our guests. Every year we accept more than 300 students for exchange and 90% of them need visa to enter Russian Federation. We strictly recommend you to apply for Touristic one-entry visa (we will provide you with the Invitation Letter for the period of EuRegMe). Application procedure usually takes 10-14 working days, but may take up to 1 month. In order to make sure that the visa obtaining process runs without any problems we urge every delegate that needs a visa to apply for it as soon as possible. When apply for visa, you need to fill electronic version of Russian visa application form on the website of the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation https://visa.kdmid.ru/, print it and bring with other documents. Invitation Letter for visa will be provided by the hotel, so the dates will be limited, 20-24th of April 2019. In case you plan to stay longer in Saint-Petersburg or visit other Russian cities, you have to state it in the registration form and book hotel/hostel by yourself. If you want to attend Post-EuRegMe, please state this as well and we will contact you additionally, so the Invitation Letter will be made by touristic agency and will cover the whole period of staying in Russia. Any questions regarding registration, visa application and registration in Russia please send to euregme19.visa@gmail.com We are ready to help you for smooth visa application process!

Statue of Catherine II

Pre- EuRegMe

The best way to get new skills, to go inside main European priorities, to be a part of different trainings or maybe even to become a trainer is to participate in Pre-EuRegMe! 5 interesting and useful workshops during 3 full working days will be set up for you in order to enhance your knowledge in several aspects and to let you share you own experience. The experienced IFMSA trainers will provide you with best quality workshops during all of these days. All information about preEuRegMe trainings will be shared after the selection process is finalized, so follow closely your email and our website. An inestmen in knowledge pays th est interes. Venue and accommodation are the same- Azimut hotel. Boarding- 3 times a day Registration dates: 16.01.19 - 30.01.19 Payment until: 28.02.19 Fee: 180 Euro


Post- EuReMeText...

We decided to divide post-EuRegMe trips into two options: Moscow an Saint- Petersburg. All information about prices and agenda will be shared with you later.

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Invitation package 

Organizing Committee


Welcome to Saint Petersburg!



Paint your dream with us!

Contacts-General euregme19@gmail.com

Registration and visa euregme19.visa@gmail.com

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